The Coalition of Public Organizations of the CIS Countries “Migration and Development” was created in 2018 in order to establish and strengthen partnerships, coordinate activities, create and develop effective mechanisms to support migrants and their families in their countries of origin and reception.

The coalition unites organizations that have experience in assisting and protecting the rights of migrants and members of their families, in implementing projects in their countries and at the international level aimed both at providing direct support and helping to solve problems and improve regulation of migration processes at the system level.

The coalition is open to new members who share its goals and basic principles. The activities of the Coalition are regulated by the Memorandum. The coalition publishes annual reports on its activities.

Coalition Goals

1. Development of a system for protecting the rights of migrant workers and members of their families in their countries of origin and origin.

2. Promoting the development of effective mechanisms for regulating migration processes in the countries of the EAEU and the CIS.

3. The development of interaction between authorities, state and public organizations working in the field of assisting migrants and regulating migration processes, at the local, national and international levels.

Coalition area of activities

identification of barriers in the field of effective regulation of migration and the search for solutions to reduce and eliminate them;

assistance in improving the pre-departure training system for migrants in their countries of origin;

assistance in creating a system of legal, informational, social support for migrants and their adaptation in host countries;

assistance in improving the legal and social situation of families affected by migration in the countries of origin and reception of migrants;

conducting outreach and consulting work among the population, aimed, inter alia, at disseminating objective information about migration processes, countering the spread of negative stereotypes about migration and migrants, increasing legal literacy, and preventing violence and human trafficking;

assistance in activating and enhancing the potential of migrants in the field of protecting their rights, social and cultural adaptation;

assistance to increase the potential of specialists working in the field of migration and interethnic relations;

promotion and implementation of public initiatives, social and other projects in the field of local development, affecting the improvement of the lives of migrants and members of their families;

development of interaction and exchange of experience between the relevant organizations of the EAEU and the CIS, working in the field of assistance to migrants and members of their families.

Coalition forms of activities

identification and dissemination of best practices in the field of assisting migrants and regulating migration processes;

monitoring and analysis of the situation in the field of migration processes, development and promotion of expert and analytical materials in this field;

consulting, expert and informational support on issues related to the activities of the Coalition;

development and dissemination of informational and methodological materials for migrants and specialists working with them;

development and implementation of joint programs and projects aimed at achieving the goals of the Coalition;

creation and participation in the activities of specialized commissions, committees, working groups, other advisory, expert and other bodies and platforms;

conducting and participating in educational and public events (trainings, seminars, forums, conferences, seminars, meetings, round tables, etc.) on topical issues related to the Coalition’s field of activity;

other activities aimed at achieving the goals of the Coalition.